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Professional Sales Training Associates Inc. | Appleton, WI

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Client Retention Tool

We all know the statistics. Most selling organizations derive 80% of their revenues from 20% of their clients.

Let's be clear, it's not a selling event, its about expectations, but how?

Learn tips and tactics to retain and grow relationships.

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Sales Effectiveness Survey

Successful sales organizations need to develop more effective methods designed to secure and retain top sales talent.

Leadership Blind Spots

Are you suffering from Blind Spots in your business?

Take our FREE 13 Question Survey and see how you add up!

Business Success following the 4S Model

Your company, typically, is pretty good at selling your stuff. And when the business was smaller, and life was less complex, that was enough. But then, as things grew, the

Are you coaching or training

Coaching: This makes up about 35% of the management function and is focused on identifying the person’s individual needs and the corresponding performance improvement steps.

Do you have a process?

Selling vs. Negotiating

Remember: It’s not where you fell, but where you slipped that counts.

Many negotiating problems are really weaknesses in the sales

When I came to Sandler, we were struggling with sales. I knew we had a solid delivery model and our current clients were thrilled with us, but we weren't seeing the quantity of new business that we were after. Sandler helped us develop a sales system, and the principles I learned I now use every single day in my sales encounters. I'd highly recommend both Eric and Jim, as well as the Sandler system to anybody who wants to improve at sales

Derek Harrington, Entrision