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Instructor-Led Virtual Sales Academy

Position yourself for success by integrating the core principles of the Sandler Sales System, a proven, integrity-based system that promotes a more effective and efficient sales process. The Sales Academy is for those willing to invest the time and effort into learning new material and being open to trying things that seem counter-intuitive. This class will make you re-evaluate everything you were taught about sales.


Salespeople, sales managers, senior leaders, business owners, and anyone else involved in the selling process who might be:
- Looking for modern sales strategies to help them in times of crisis
- Lacking control during the selling process
- Experiencing longer and longer sales cycles
- Frustrated with being marginalized on price
- Tired of getting "think-it-overs"
- Doing more unpaid consulting instead of selling
- Wanting to increase sales and profits in 2021

  • How it Works:

    This is a 6 week program with one 1 hour Instructor Led session per week.

    Plus Self Paced:  8 to 30 minute self study Foundations Sections.

  • Instructors:

    Two of Wisconsin's best sales trainers Jim Cornelius and Eric Thompson, who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that stems from years of experience in everything from entry-level cold calling in the trenches to international business development to leading both sales and operations teams from the C-suite.

    Our trainers are all out there selling when they’re not teaching class, and never teach anything they don't practice themselves.

  • Where:

    Anywhere you are! We deliver this training live and online in a small group setting using Zoom.


    Includes materials, one year of access to Sandler Online Sales Learning Library, & Sandler Instructor Led sessions.


  • One on One Coaching:

    Included is a half-hour coaching session to help mold the new ideas into your current process.

Live- Instructor Led Discussion Outline

Why Have a System?

April 5, 2022 from 12:00-12:55 cst

Many salespeople “wing it,” cross their fingers, and hope that they get the sale. Learn a system that results in four predictable outcomes, duplicates success, and qualifies prospects rather than them disqualifying you.

The Sales Training Myth: An Overview of the Sandler Selling System
Success Triangles: Improving Your Attitude, Behavior and Technique

Making the Connection - Understanding Yourself and Others

April 12, 2022 from 12:00-12:55 cst

Rapport is more than having a good conversation with someone. It’s about being in sync and understanding how different people communicate. In this session, you learn how to identify and adapt to different behavioral styles.

Bonding & Rapport

Taking Control of the Process

April 19, 2022 from 12:00-12:55 cst


Have you ever gotten to the end of a presentation or sales call and the prospect said they wanted to “think it over.” Learn how to set ground rules with prospects at the beginning to avoid think-it-overs at the end. Learn how the pain you found earlier in the process impacts the budget step. You will also learn how to find out the prospect’s decision making process before you make the presentation.

Up-Front Contracts

Understanding Buyers Motives

April 26, 2022 from 12:00-12:55 cst

Your prospects don’t buy because of your features or benefits. While they may be great, prospects buy because they are in pain or want to avoid pain. Learn the difference between a problem and pain, how to find your prospect’s pain, and what to do with it when you find it.

Selling Value with Pain


Can Asking Questions Be the Answer?

May 3, 2022 from 12:00-12:55 cst

One of the biggest mistakes that salespeople make is trying to convince prospects to buy but then realize they cannot afford it.  Understand their investment ability before you lose the OK ness of your prospect.

Understanding Decisions

Closing the Sale

May 10, 2022 from 12:00-12:55 cst

Tired of hearing your price is too high? Learn to consistently close and reinforce sales by focusing on the prospect's pain, budget and more. Then set the stage for future business and referrals.


Post Sell

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Ideal for anyone who wants to....

  • Improve communications with customers and prospects
  • Have a common language with your sales team
  • Be more comfortable speaking with clients
  • Embrace continuous learning and development
  • Improve Relationship Management
  • All from the comfort of your/their own home or office!


The lessons in Sandler Foundations should be used like any other good strategy, when applicable and with care. Time and experience will help your team to become comfortable with when to use these strategies, but they should not be afraid to try them immediately. The revolutionary Sandler Selling System and our continuous improvement training process are what has made Sandler Training the world's largest and fastest-growing selling system in the world and a hit with sales teams like yours.

Sandler Academy Self Paced Topics

The Sandler Foundations is where everyone involved in Sandler Training officially starts. It is a 10-lesson introductory course designed to give a complete overview of the Sandler Selling System and the information needed to immediately improve your performance.


  • Use a Proven Process for Sales

    Discover the power of the seven-step Sandler Selling System and overlay it on your current sales approach to develop a common process and sales language for your team.

  • Establish Rapport & Trust with the Prospect

    Learn easy-to-follow frameworks to better understand yourself and others and how to communicate more effectively with prospects, clients, and internal team members.


  • Start Sales Conversations & Set an Agenda

    Take control of the sales process from the very beginning by establishing an agenda and mutually beneficial guidelines for productive conversations.


  • Ask Better Questions

    Learn to improve your information gathering to gain a greater understanding of your prospects, as you help them discover and articulate their needs.


  • Discover Why People Buy

    Learn the high-powered Sandler discovery process used to probe for true buyer motivations. Deals move much faster and more reliably when both sides understand the reasons for doing business. 

  • Uncover the Prospect’s Budget

    You will learn how to get honest information about the investment constraints of your prospects and whether they are willing and able to make them in order to solve their problem.


  • Understand the Decision-Making Process

    Learn how to uncover your prospect's decision-making process and cast of characters, as well as how to spot, remove, or avoid sales roadblocks.


  • Make More Effective Sales Presentations & Close More Sales

    Learn to consistently close and reinforce sales with effective presentations, proposals, or quotes and learn how to set the stage for future business and referrals.


  • Improve Your Performance

    Take a hard look at your attitudes, behaviors, and techniques and how to increase your chances of sustainable success in life and sales.


  • Create a Prospecting Plan for New Business

    Identify your ideal client and the right mix of prospecting activities to find them, and then craft a compelling 30-second commercial to ensure a predictable and sustainable sales funnel.

  • Led by LIVE instructors
  • Role play in real time with LIVE partners
  • Get your sales questions and obstacles answered by sales professionals
  • Begin Your Bronze Certification Journey

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Bonus- Attend a Sales Mastery Session

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