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Strategic Management Solutions

Strengthening the backbones of successful companies!
Tired of short, quick fix seminars that don't provide lasting results?
Join our monthly sessions: Appleton, Wisconsin and another in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Most management training programs...

Unfortunately, most manager training programs, like most sales training programs, are all too often short, quick fix seminars that provide neither real world specific training nor lasting results.

Participants may learn the “what,” “when,” and “why” behind management theories, but they are then left with the burden of discovering how to put these theories into practice in real-world situations on their own.

Sandler's Strategic Management Solutions is our ongoing Leadership and Management Development Program.


Enabling organizations to maximize performance and profitability while growing people, margins and market share to create and maintain a competitive edge.



• Engage employees & increase productivity
• Understand and apply processes appropriately
• Develop and refine leadership skills
• Inspire and bring out the best in others
• Set meaningful goals & development plans
• Find, hire, on-board & retain top performers
• Know what to track, how to benchmark
• Hold employees accountable for productivity
• Increase revenue

Applying the skills

Once you’ve completed Sandler’s manager training program, you’ll not only understand what needs to be done, but you’ll be able to apply the skills you’ve developed to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Contact us today to learn how you can take your management skills to the next level.

Each interactive training session presents you with a combination of workshops, real-world role plays, problem solving clinics and ongoing reinforcement.

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Are you as effective as you could be?

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