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Professional Sales Training Associates Inc. | Appleton, WI

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In our clients' own words

The success of our clients is what speaks volumes for us

Dan Reeve, Esker

I thought I fully understood the concept of solution selling. Jim helped me grasp and use the Sandler sales skills to take my qualification to a new level. The concept of understanding personal pain and the fact the problem the prospect brings you is never the real issue have been somewhat mind opening. I highly recommend Jim, if you want to understand what is really taking place in the sales cycle from a psychological perspective.

Renee Brey

I was promoted to a new position in the company where I work. I was to become the one and only salesperson for our company, and, although, I had run my own business for 20 years, this type of sales was something I have never done before in my life. .

The company was in jeopardy of losing its largest client, so it was my job to secure a new client that could absorb the loss we might sustain. No stress here right? I blinked back tears every time a prospect hung up on me. I saw myself as the plaid clad car guy or the pesky sales person that would chase me around my business. One day, my employer saw a workshop opportunity in an email from the chamber and asked if I would be interested in attending. Eric told me I was welcome to join the free workshop, but I would need to contribute my stories. After the first workshop, I was invited to attend a second and that was the “Ah-Ha” moment that I needed. I asked my employer to sign me up.

Eric worked tireless with me teaching me how important it is to be confident and strong to make the dreaded cold call. Once the deer-in-headlights finally crossed the proverbial street, Eric then started teaching me the psychology of sales. I would have never thought about mirroring a prospect, walking into a meeting with no material, asking for a referral, looking at a sales encounter from the perspective of a buyer or suggesting that maybe my company wouldn’t be a good fit for the prospect! The sales process is amazing when you know the Sandler way!

Eric and Jim never coddled me or told me that “everything was going to be fine”. They told me that sales; true and effective sales, is hard and takes time. They never ceased to challenge my “beliefs” and showed me how destructive “head trash” can be. I enjoyed my class time, and continue to enjoy the times when I get invited back for a refresher session.

I would stack the Sandler training that I received from Jim and Eric against any other sales training product out there, and I would strongly recommend their instruction to anyone new to the sales industry. The difference in my confidence and effectiveness is amazing!

I still cannot believe that in one year’s time, I have brought on 43 new business partners to our company. It seemed so simple!


Revenue cycle enhancement and business partner
Credit Systems of the Fox Valley, Inc
Neenah, WI

Nick Carpenter, Business Development Manager, Esker

To me, Sandler is all about breaking the mold of what sales means to buyers. It’s a mindset, school of thought, and action plan for differentiating yourself in the market and enhancing the buyer/seller interaction. Everyone wins, the sales rep closes more and better business and buyers feel truly valued and understood.  - Nick Carpenter

Regards, Martin J. Hanley, Spectatech Services

Prior to beginning the Sandler Training with Jim Cornelius , our sales staff was like most others. We offered demonstrations, presentations and price quotations at the drop of a hat. We would wait in anticipation for the orders to come in and in a lot of cases they never did. Sometimes we weren’t even hearing back from the prospect. Sure we would get a sale from time to time. Certainly we had a good product to offer. What were we doing wrong?

After we began to work with Jim and the Sandler Training, we realized that we weren’t any different in the customer’s eyes then the first or last sales person to come through their door. Even worse we didn’t have a way to fully understand where we were in the sales process, or what the next step was going to be. The prospect had full control.

The Sandler Training that Jim provided helped us to better understand who our legitimate and most likely prospects were. We had better understanding of where we were in the sales process and how to move forward with the next step. In a nutshell The Sandler Training that Jim provided has made us more efficient and productive in or approach to selling.

Regards, Martin J. Hanley, Spectatech Services

Bob Kulp, Kulp’s of Stratford

“Jim provided Sandler Sales Training and we found to be of incredible value to our organization. Jim was very easy to work with and always kept an eye on the results. I am very grateful for Jim's services and would recommend him to anyone.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity Bob Kulp

AJ. Buran WS Packaging

I hope this email finds you well!

The Sandler skills I have learned continue to support my sales growth.

Seriously, every section of the sub works. And if there is no pain uncovered – I move on! So it saves me time too.

Last week I landed another large deal, a real big one – that should bode well for continued sales and commission increases for years.

SO I wanted to let you know. Thank you! And see you soon, AJ. Buran WS Packaging

Rick Hoekstra, President -KitchenIdeasCenter

I was recommended to Jim by a client of ours who said he owed alot of his success to the training he was getting from Sandler.

Deep down I knew we needed some help and was open to talking with someone about it. After two meetings with Jim I decided to enroll myself and Chuck, our other sales person in the training. After a few weeks I was still very skeptical about my decision but decided to see our commitment through.

It was around 6 months or so that both Chuck and I started to see the benefits of our training, and at the end of our contract decided to go one more time through the sessions. The whole experience turned out to be a life altering choice on how I run our sales department and whole business for that matter.

I am in the construction industry and do not feel we would have survived our industries recent down turn had it not been for the training that myself and Chuck got from Sandler Training.

Sincerely, Rick Hoekstra, President -KitchenIdeasCenter

Jim Kavanagh

Dear Jim;
Thank you for introducing me to the Sandler Sales Institute Presidents Club. I believe that a professional salesperson needs to have a sales plan in place and the tools to execute that plan. Sandler has provided just that.
Going into the sales field without the proper tools could be a disaster like rebuilding the engine

a car without any tools. The Sandler Sales Institute is my tool box for selling. No longer do I find myself arriving at a meeting with a prospect without clear objectives, goals and carrying the proper tools to execute those plans.

As I refine and sharpen my tools I keep in mind that a person is rewarded directly in proportion to the effort invested in a personal development plan. Implementation of any new plan is critical, along with time, commitment and practice to achieve success. Jim, the time you have invested in coaching me to keep me on track to achieve my goals has been well worth my investment and a large part of the success I have enjoyed.

Sincerely, Jim Kavanagh

Dirk Wildt President, Cobblestone Builders

"Failure to commit is commitment to failure" Dirk Wildt

I sincerely wish to thank you Jim for all that you have shared with me and taught me in the last 18 months. The time I have spent with you has enriched my life and made me a better person and I am grateful. I look forward to using the knowledge you have passed on and to refining my version of Sandler in relationship to my business and personal life so that I can be all that I can be.

Best regards, Dirk Wildt President, Cobblestone Builders

Samuel Hoff

Patti Engineering

Industry: Engineering

Samuel Hoff, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Patti Engineering, talks about how his company’s sales more than doubled after Sandler sales training. “In 2007, we were a bunch of really good engineers and really bad salespeople; now we’re the same good engineers but we’re a lot smarter about the sales process.” In 2007 the company did a little less than $3 million in business and spent $1.10 for every dollar it made. Last year it did $7.5 million in business and spent 88¢ for every dollar it made. “My personal income is seven times what it was in 2007,” says Hoff. “That’s living proof of the success of Sandler.”