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Professional Sales Training Associates Inc. | Appleton, WI

Sandler Online Training

 The latest technologies, applied strategically for maximum efficacy.

The gold standard for online training and learning reinforcement

Advanced functionality. Robust content. Anytime.

Flexibility of on-demand information access and cost effectiveness of electronic content—both critical to managing a long-term investment in training your team, whether centrally located or spread across the world

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Take Your Training Tools On-the-Go

Use Sandler Online as a tool to enhance the value that Sandler brings to your world.

Sandler Online is a new way to access your resources digitally, but it is not a replacement for live sessions with your Sandler trainer.

Easily navigate the user-friendly interface

  • 12 Months of Portable Sales Training for Only $500
  • Need to brush up on a particular skill? Review what is relevant to your world.
  • Login 24/7- train on your schedule
  • Reinforce the material from weekly sessions and hone your skills
  • Measure accountability and track your team's progress
  • Compatible with all devices- tablets, computers, even your smart phone!
  • Go paperless- ditch the heavy Sales Mastery and Foundations binders