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Professional Sales Training Associates Inc. | Appleton, WI

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Wondering How to Become a Sandler Client?

Understanding The Sandler Sales Process

While many prospects respect and value our blogs, white papers and videos, they have no idea how to take the next step to invest in Sandler Training and consulting from Sandler. So we’re sharing our approach.

Sandler’s four-step sales process is designed to make sure our odds of being effective at solving your issues with our sales training program are nearly 100 percent. During this process, we ask a lot of tough questions including:

  • What’s working and what isn’t for your sales team?
  • How effective is your sales leadership?
  • Who can be a value seller in your business?

2- Sales Evaluation, Analysis, and Benchmarking

Your investment in the evaluation and benchmarking phase normally begins with each person on your team taking an online questionnaire.

Your sales force and sales management answer customized questions that give us unbiased data and provide us with the answers we need to formulate development plans. We typically interview each participant and their managers and the business executives to get understanding of goals for improvement.

4- Execution Of Your Plan

Most of our clients are worried about the effect on cash flow and the risks involved in making sure they get a return on their investment. That’s the whole reason we do the sales force evaluation — to answer those questions and only engage if it makes sense.

Together we execute on the plan we developed. We deliver almost all our training at our business offices through our sales, management/leadership and customer care development groups. Our clients shared that they appreciate having a professional environment to learn in as well as the networking opportunities with their training colleagues.



As we onboard your teams, we set up self-study access, success paths, and behavior plans as well as coaching and accountability plans that were identified from the benchmarking.

Dates will be set up for client-review meeting and our progress. Discussion will determine how we need to adjust as the plan as it is continued to be implemented.